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Thus, the course work on literary criticism is reduced to the interpretation of a work of art in the light of the chosen topic, taking into account the studied scientific literature and involving its own illustrative examples. Provisions developed in the work must be convincing and demonstrative. Of course, the author of the course work has the right to express his point of view on certain issues discussed in the course work, but this point of view should not be arbitrary and unsubstantiated. It should take into account judgments already made in the scientific literature on this issue and be supported by the data of the studied artistic text and or other texts of the given author (letters, diaries, journalism), and other scientific data.

Therefore, an important part of the course work is an analytical presentation of the opinions already existing in the scientific literature about the particular problem (topic) chosen. While working on the coursework, a student must conscientiously search for all available scientific sources on the topic, registering for this purpose in the largest libraries (first of all, the KGBL and RSL; see below). It is clear that not all foreign language scientific literature on foreign authors is available in Russia. But familiarization with all available sources is a matter of scientific integrity of the researcher.

The volume of the course work in philology should be at least 25 (2 course) 30 (3 course) pages of typewritten text printed in one and a half intervals (font size 14). References should include a minimum of 20 (2 course) 25 (3 course) titles. At the same time, the volume of the Introduction and Conclusion must be at least 2 3 pages each. (For comparison: the volume of the thesis of the bachelor of philology should be at least 40 pages (one and a half intervals, 14 point size). The bibliographic list should include 50 or more titles. The volume of the Introduction should be 4-5 pages, Conclusions 2-4 pages The volume of the master’s thesis must be at least 50 pages (one and a half spacing, 14 point size). The bibliographic list must include at least 60 titles. These requirements are in the form of a table.)

It is assumed that the preparatory stages (1-4) the student will be held during the first semester, in order to devote the second semester directly to writing the work. Practice shows that the backlog from the specified schedule leads to a significant reduction in the quality of coursework. A very big mistake to think: “I will still have time I will write some time later Time for another year People who think so usually write their coursework several days (nights) before defending in a state of nervous stress, in a hurry typing material from the internet. The result is very miserable, and such works are not recognized as satisfactory, are sent for revision, turn into “tails”. Not to mention that it is indecent and disrespectful to send a supervisor a text of 20 to 30 pages a day before the defense, as this leaves no time for the student to correct the shortcomings of the work, making the test itself meaningless. Therefore, to begin intensive work on the course is necessary from the first days of the school year.