How to write a good resume

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While manipulating text fragments, it is fairly easy to turn elements of text into either quotations or your own thoughts. Real quotes can be immediately tagged (put a link to the author). Long quotes can be “cut”, that is, a quotation of any length you forcibly break up with quotes in any desired place where the end of the quotation is marked with a reference to the source, and the remaining fragment is then assumed as your own thoughts. For ultimate confidence in your own infallibility, you can change a few words in a paragraph, make complex sentences simple. All further work is the cleansing of the text, giving it a uniformity and brevity of presentation. Some of the materials will certainly disappear as they fall this important business, you can write an Introduction, or an Introduction: for what you actually wrote all this, what goals were pursued, what is the relevance of this scientific work.

I will say right away that the relevance of such work is approximately the following: for three years or so, it will be stored in the archives of the university, and then it will end up in waste paper or just in the trash can. So it is not necessary to portray something special and claim to be fundamental, which will revolutionize scientific thought. A text page on how all this is terribly important and extremely relevant will be quite enough. In the course of the action, you can also create a separate document in which you will add the necessary references to the literature, to collect a list of used literature. This is very convenient for several reasons: on the one hand, you don’t have to remember later where and whom you quoted, on the other hand, another important element of the work is created during the play, which the instructors watch carefully, and on the third there is always a list for the simplest operation, called copy paste. That is, in the right places you add links to sources, and this will be quick and easy.

It seems to be done. It remains to bring glos would not be considered by anyone. Indenting is wrong, there are no references to primary sources. The list of used literature is not given. Numbering is absent. No scientific value, in short. And finally to issue a title page, where the hero of this remarkable scientific work, and some attributes that are inherent in him, will be registered in black and white. In what university he studies, in what year and in the city he wrote all this, on what course he studies. If you have ever collected a puzzle, then, of course, you will find out how similar these classes are: picking up a puzzle and writing coursework and essays on the speed method.