What is a resume

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Course work is a compulsory academic study in a chosen field of literary history for a student (two semesters). Performing coursework, the student masters the specific methods of studying literature. This gives him the skills of independent research, which are significant in a more general sense: it is they who actively contribute to the development of free, independent and sound thinking. Also, in the process of working on the course student, he masters the written form of scientific speech. This is especially important because an adequate, concise and consistent expression of scientific ideas is very difficult. Course work is a scientific work, so it must be sustained academic style of presentation, without the “artistic” turns of speech, without claims to figurativeness, poetry, lyricism.

It is important to remember that term paper is a scientific work, and its addressee is a scientific community, that is, people who are educated and knowledgeable in this field. Therefore, you should not set forth in the course of well-known facts and textbook truths, more relevant in a school textbook or a popular article. It is assumed that in the coursework the student will consistently and more and more deeply develop the chosen literary challenge. The collected material will therefore constitute a certain reserve (and possibly a part) of the future thesis. In any case, this material, as well as the experience gained in the process of writing term papers, will greatly facilitate its writing.

Two questions arise before a student: a) what to do and what will need to be presented to the supervisor? b) how correctly, i.e. most economically and effectively solve the upcoming task? Any research, including that which is to be carried out by the student, includes two sides: 1) “technical” review and study of literature on the topic, establishment of existing points of view on the problem, analysis of the degree of knowledge of the problem, etc. 2) “creative” an evidence-based statement of the author’s point of view of the term paper on a problem or bringing new arguments discovered by the author in favor of an already existing point of view.

Term paper is an independent study focused not so much on obtaining any new scientific results (this is desirable for a thesis and necessarily for a thesis), but rather on studying and describing existing data on a specific, fairly narrow problem. The tasks that are pursued here are mostly practical. The student must learn the following elementary techniques: a) to find the necessary literature and process it (first of all, to find in publications important ideas for the work and to fix them to outline or abstract); b) to compare different points of view on a specific problem and make a choice of the most suitable point of view for oneself (in the best way explaining the phenomena that are studied); c) to express in writing the ideas contained in the work and publications; d) carry out a general design of the work: highlight sections and paragraphs in it, use quotes and make references to existing publications, compile a bibliography.